Pixels on the loose

Gabriëlla Cleuren dedicates her life as an artist to document the evolutions and contradictions of the 21th century. In 50 years time she created thousands of paintings and saw a parallel to the 19th century of the Goyan world: a mentality of brutal war, fightings and intolerance. There’s no progress in the human behavior, only endless repetition.

Her emotional pixels capture our timeline, through Goya-eyes, in an almost creepy timeless and iconic way. Her colours are trying to break through the circle of time. Her gestures write down the disruption. No e-motions, but emotions.

She was born in Belgium, studied in Norway (Nordic Art and Music at the University of Oslo), lived in Bonaire and Hamburg (Member of the Seevetaler Keunstler, Hittfeld), and came back to Belgium. Despite the fact that Cleuren’s paintings are a best kept secret, her work earned international recognition and was already exposed in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany and the UK, among other countries. In 2016 she became a member of the Rainforest Art Foundation and in 2017 she received the Red Line Art Works award.

Her work is divisible in INSIDE WORLD and OUTSIDE WORLD. For INSIDE WORLD, kind of her diary, she works fast and spontaneous in a very honest expressive way, sometimes sweet and moving, sometimes brutal. Artistic freedom to the bone.

OUTSIDE WORLD is her reaction to the cold outside world. Warm and concentrated pixels that scratch the soul.

DENKAUFGABEN is a way to capture her vision in a poetic way, fueled with little brain teasers.